Equipment and Accessories

Essential Equipment

Acoustic Guitar with Nylon Strings

A beginner guitar is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased from most music shops. It is best to get professional advice before making a purchase.




Guitar Footstool

A footstool is an essential piece of equipment for a classical guitarist, and can be purchased either online or from any music shop which sells classical guitars. Expect to pay between $10 to $20.



Music Stand

A light, portable music stand (with cover) on which to rest music can be purchased from any music shop. Expect to pay between $12 to $19.






A blank, unlined notebook (A4 or A5) is required for lesson notes and homework. The student should bring the book to each lesson.



Binder or Insertable Presentation Folder

A binder or presentation folder is required for lesson handouts. These can be purchased from any stationery shop for around $3.00.




Guitar Bag/Soft Case

Will protect your guitar from rain and dust, but not from hard knocks.




Hard case

This is the most expensive way of protecting your instrument, but is suggested if the guitar is more expensive and "travels" a lot (to lessons, to school, etc.).





Clip-on Digital Tuner

Although this is not essential, it can help in cases where the student's pitch discrimination is still in a state of development. It is available from most music shops. Some digital tuners include a metronome. Expect to pay between $12 and $20.




Although this is not essential initially, although it is a definite help to playing in time. Expect to pay between $20 and $100.





Capo (Capotastro)

This is often used by singers or players who accompany singers. A capo lets you change the pitch of the guitar by clamping over the neck at a particular fret, enabling a player to play in different keys without having to transpose.




Strings become dull with playing and every now and then need to be changed. They can also break. A low gauge string is best for beginners as it is gentler on the fingers. Expect to pay between $10 to $20 for an entire set of new strings.